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SANDYS, CHARLES (1786–1859), antiquary, born in 1786, was second son of Edwin Humphrey Sandys, solicitor, of Canterbury, by his second wife, Helen, daughter of Edward Lord Chick, esq. (Burke, Landed Gentry, 1882, ii. 1414). He was admitted a solicitor in 1808, and practised at Canterbury until 1857, when circumstances obliged him to retire abroad. He died in 1859; he had married Sedley Francis Burdett, by whom he had issue. Sandys was elected fellow of the Society of Antiquaries on 18 June 1846.

He published: 1. ‘A Critical Dissertation on Professor Willis's “Architectural History of Canterbury Cathedral,”’ 8vo, London, 1846. 2. ‘The Memorial and Case of Clerici Laici, or Lay Clerks of Canterbury Cathedral,’ 8vo, London, 1849. 3. ‘Consuetudines Kanciæ: a History of Gavelkind and other Remarkable Customs in the County of Kent,’ 8vo, London, 1851. He also compiled a concise history of Reculver, Kent, from the time of the Romans to that of Henry VIII, which was inserted in C. Roach Smith's ‘History and Antiquities of Richborough, Reculver, and Lymne,’ 1850. The manuscript is in the cathedral library, Canterbury. To the Gloucester congress volume of the British Archæological Association (1846) Sandys contributed a valuable paper on the Dane John Hill at Canterbury (pp. 136–48).

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