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Saudi Arabia supports the Communists in Yemen

After four years of unity in Yemen, the Yemeni Socialist Party is disappointed that unity has not closed the curtain on its black history of criminal behaviour over the past 25 years. The YSP has enslaved the Yemeni people, and it hasruled with an iron fist. It has killed the innocentUlema and spread apostasy and corruption. The YSP believed that achieving unity would buy it some time after the collapse of the Communist camp and the fade of Socialist ideas in most parts of the world.

Unity created an opportunity to break chains that have shackled the Islamic Awakening, which has spread in the North and the South, increasing the number of people who believe in God's faith. This frustrated those who support evil within and outside Yemen. It led infidel forces in the world, in support with its agents in the region, to come up with a conspiracy to undo Yemeni unity. The purpose of the conspiracy was to re-establish the two Yemeni states and have them fight and quarrel with each other. By dividing Yemen, the infidels would keep the Ummah weak, forestall Islamic unity and keep the people of the region cowering, while strengthening the presence of enemies in the area.

For the above stated reasons, the YSP revolted, with the promise of military, political and monetary support from the Saudi government, which provided the lion's share. This aid came through the work of a special committee for Yemeni affairs headed by Prince Sultan, with the support of King Fahd, who is known for his anti-Islamic policies. He opposes the following:

  1. He opposes any Islamic awakening that rests on the clear and total understanding of God's Holy Book and the Sunnah. Such an understanding would expose the artificiality of his rule. He uses Islam and some of its tenets to cover up the secret and overt anti-Islamic policies he pursues.
  1. He rushes to support anti-Islamic regimes and parties. This is proven by the fact that he provided $4,000,000,0000 to the Soviet Union prior to its collapse at the hands of the Mujahideen. He also gave $1,000,000,000 to the dictatorial regime in Algeria, which used terror and violence to prevent Islamic forces from coming to power. He provided more than $3,000,000,000 to the "Nusayri" regime that killed thousands of Muslims. Millions more in dollars and weapons went to the crusaders in the south of Sudan.

Enormous crimes and massacres were committed against the Muslim people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to a global crusader conspiracy that is anti-Muslim, they were obstructed from receiveing weapons, which prevented them from defending themselves. This all occurred through the sword of the United Nations. The UN, which humiliated the Muslims of Somalia, also had a devious role in handing Palestine to the Jews. In addition, the UN supported Jewish attacks in Lebanon. The UN turned a blind eye to the massacres committed by the Hindus against Muslims in India and Kashmir. Many more crimes have been committed against our Muslim Ummah. A generation has come to realise that the UN is nothing but an instrument in the hands of the Jews and the crusaders to exterminate and rob the wealth of Muslims.

In spite of all of these transgressions, the Saudi ruler turned to these oppressors to mediate. The Saudi regime rushed to the Security Council, calling upon it to interfere in Yemen, opposing the mediation of the Shari'ah. This action is contrary to Islam, as ascertained by the Ulema. The Saudi government did not stop at that blind loyalty to the enemies of Islam, but called a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council. They issued a final resolution clarifying their stand on interference in Yemeni affairs and supprting the YSP. The Suadi government will ask for the assistance of the global forces of evil and its official fronts in supporting the YSP. Qatar opposed this communique, declaring that it would widen the circle of conflict. As usual, the Saudi regime wants to prop up the socialists and save them from their awkward predicament. The Saudi government has made a habit of supporting the enemies of Islam.

We in the Committee of Advice and Reform condemn this betrayal and the conspiracy against Islam and its people by the Saudi government. We believe that this ugly behaviour has the following consequences:

  1. It encourages divisions within the Muslim Ummah, and it adds to internal conflicts, especially among regional states.
  2. It leads to the dispersal of the wealth of the Arabian peninsula, at a time when the country is already sunk in huge debts, choked economically and a burden on the people.
  3. It supports socialists and communists who oppress the Yemeni people.
  4. Such support from the Saudi regime and its allies would have negative repercussions on the people of the peninsula. As God says, "Evil will only afflict those who commit it."
  5. It sets the stage for foreign intervention in the region, which will harm the Muslim people.

We ask that the righteous Ulema to declare that this represents danger and evil. We ask them to expose this conspiracy. We ask these Ulema to declare the actions of these dictators as illegitimate. We ask them to proclaim the illegitimacy of these actions and of supporting the socialists and other enemies of the religion. We ask the Ulema to proclaim this to the Ummah and the Muslim armies. This is part of their responsibility.

[here followed a Quranic quote about people's ignorance of God. The military translators did not include it.]
27/12/1414 AH
On their behalf,
Usamah bin Muhammad bin Ladin
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