Sermon to an unidentified community

Sermon to an unidentified community
by John Ball (1338-1381)

This is a pastoral exhortation or sermon, probably written in late Spring 1381. This edition is taken from Henry Knighton's Addresses of the Commons.

Exemplar epistolae Johannis Balle
Jon Balle gretyth you wele alle and doth yowe to understande, he hath rungen youre belle.

Now ryght and myght,
Wylle and skylle,
God spede everydele.

Now is tyme Lady helpe to Jhesu thi sone, and thi Sone to His Faður, to make a gode ende, in the name of the Trinité of that is begunne amen, amen, pur charité, amen.

Modern English
Exemplar epistolae Johannis Balle ("The copy of a letter of John Bell")
John Ball greeteth you well all and doth you to understand, he hath rungen your bell.

Now right and might,
Will and skill (reason),
God speed everydale [bring success to all your endeavours].

Now is time Lady help to Jesus thy son, and thy Son to His Father, to make a good end, in the name of the Trinity of that is begun amen, amen, pur charité ("for charity"), amen.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.