At the time when Sílim and Túr were killed, Tahmasp, the son of Sílim, fled from the country and took refuge in an island, where he died, and left a son named Zau. Zál sent Kárun, the son of Kavah, attended by a proper escort, with overtures to Zau, who readily complied, and was under favorable circumstances seated upon the throne:

                           Speedily, in arms,
  He led his troops to Persia, fought, and won
  A kingdom, by his power and bravery--
  And happy was the day when princely Zau
  Was placed upon that throne of sovereignty;
  All breathed their prayers upon his future reign,
  And o'er his head (the customary rite)
  Shower'd gold and jewels.

When he had subdued the country, he turned his arms against Afrásiyáb, who in consequence of losing the co-operation of the Persians, and not being in a state to encounter a superior force, thought it prudent to retreat, and return to his father. The reign of Zau lasted five years, after which he died, and was succeeded by his son Garshásp.