Shakespeare - First Folio facsimile (1910)/The Two Gentlemen of Verona/Act 5 Scene 1

Actus Quintus. Scaena Prima.

Enter Eglamoure, Siluia.

The Sun begins to guild the westerne skie,
And now it is about the very houre
That Siluia, at Fryer Patricks Cell should meet me,
She will not faile; for Louers breake not houres,
Vnlesse it be to come before their time,
So much they spur their expedition.
See where she comes: Lady a happy euening.

Amen, Amen: goe on (good Eglamoure)
Out at the Posterne by the Abbey wall;
I feare I am attended by some Spies.

Feare not: the Forrest is not three leagues off,
Exeunt.If we recouer that, we are sure enough.