Smith, Alexander (1684-1766) (DNB00)

SMITH, ALEXANDER, D.D. (1684–1766), Roman catholic prelate, born at Fochabers, Morayshire, in 1684, was admitted into the Scots College at Paris in 1698. He returned to Scotland in deacon's orders in 1709, but was not ordained priest till 1712. From 1718 to 1730 he was procurator of the Scots College at Paris. In 1735 he was consecrated bishop of Mosinopolis in partibus infidelium, and appointed coadjutor to Bishop James Gordon, vicar-apostolic of the Lowland district, on whose death in 1746 he succeeded to the vicariate. He died at Edinburgh on 21 Aug. 1766.

He published two catechisms for the use of the catholics of Scotland. These received the formal approbation of the holy office on 20 March 1749–50.

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