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Oh! bear me to the groves of palm,
Where perfum'd airs diffuse their balm!
And when the noon-tide beams invade,
Then lay me in the embow'ring shade;
Where Bananas o'er my head,
Mingling with the Tam'rind spread;
Where the long liannes combining,
Wild festoons of flow'rs entwining;
Fragrant cassia, softly blowing,
Lime and orange, ever glowing;
All their spicy breath exhale,
To scent the pleasure-fanning gale.

    There her sweet ambrosial stores,
    Nature in profusion pours;

    The cocoa's nectar let me sip.
    The citron's juice refresh my lip;
    While around me hovering play
    Birds, in radiant plumage gay;
    And amidst the foliage, raise
    Melodies, in varied lays.
    There, in aromatic bow'rs,
    Be mine to pass the summer-hours;
    Or by some clear cascade reclin'd;
    Whose dashing sound may lull the mind,
    Wake the lyre and tune the song,
    Scenes of paradise among!