Songs and Sonnets (Coleman)

Songs and Sonnets  (1906) 
by Helena Jane Coleman



Published under the Auspices of the Tennyson Club of Toronto


Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one thousand nine hundred and six, by William Briggs, at the Department of Agriculture.

A. S. R.

Within my garden, on the southern side,
Where warm and strong the sun's battalions fall,
The lilies grow superbly white and tall,
The mignonette and phlox spread far and wide;
The roses there are my perpetual pride,
The ivy riots laughing up the wall,
And all my flower-loves, both great and small,
A daily feast of loveliness provide.

And deep within the garden of my heart,
Upon that side where thou art wont to shine—
And something of thy sweetness to impart—
There sprang these little wandering songs of mine;
I know not if they show thee what thou art,
But any worthiness they have is thine.


Songs Page
Indian Summer 13
Postponement 16
Exiled 18
Forest Tragedy 20
Comrades 22
When Orchards Bloom 24
Thy Part 26
Maturity 28
On the Trail 29
O Summer Days 32
Give Me No Pity 33
Voices of the Storm 35
Returning 37
Our Common Brotherhood 38
I am Content with Canada 40
A Thousand Joys Remain 42
Mother-born 44
Masqueraders 45
Whither? 47
In the Garden 50
Caught up on Wings 51
Invocation 53
Candle-flame 54
The Distant Goal 55
My Roses 57
Love's Higher Way 59
The Seed 61
But They Remember Not 63
Through the Silence 65
Conquest 66
Love's Seasons 68
Confidence 69
The Guardians of the Place 70
To a Bluebell 72
Inaction 74
The Voices of Our Day 75
Gifts 76
Since Reading Maeterlinck 78
Recall 80
Each Hath His Own 82
Not on a Chosen Day 83
The Soul Behind 84
Neighbors 85
Crimson Buds are on the Maple 86
Prairie Winds 88
Lullaby 92
Achievement 93
When Autumn Comes 95
Analogy 96
Night Among the Thousand Islands 98
Among the Pines 100
Opportunity 102
Alien 104
September Comes Again 106
No Grief for Me 108
The Open Gate 110

More Lovely Grows the Earth 115
In October 116
Among the Mountains 117
At Sunset 118
The Prospector 119
As Day Begins to Wane 120
Question Not 121
Monotony 122
A Prayer 123
Millet's Angelus 124
As One Embarking 125
Enlargement 126
On Silent Battle-fields 127
The Reconciler 128
The Warden 129
Dawn 130
The Sense of Mystery 131
Winter Wheat 192
When Thou Art Distant 133
The Temple 134
Bondage 135
Night 136
At Parting 137
Peniel 138
With Passing Years 139
Sanctuary 140
Day and Night 141
Across the Deep 142
Beyond the Violet Rays 143
Make Friends with Happiness 144
Masked 145
Not by Nature's Door 146
In the Dark 147
Though Bound to Earth 148
On Such a Night as This 149
The Evening Hour 150
Certitude 151
On Mount Pilatus 152
Since Knowing You 153
Vanished Years 154
The Pelican 155
Absence 156
Kings' Palaces 157
As Parsifal of Old 158

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