Southern Historical Society Papers/Volume 01


Historical Society Papers.





Secretary Southern Historical Society.


Johns & Goolsby, Printers, Richmond, Va.




Origin of the Late War, by Honorable R. M. T. Hunter 1
The Botetourt Resolutions of Judge John J. Allen 13
Inaugural Address of President Davis, February, 1861 19
Address of Congress to the people of the Confederate States 28
Editorial Department 39


Maury's Vindication of the South 49
Alexander's Sketch of Longstreet's Corps 61
Camp Fires of the Boys in Gray 77
Letter from General J. E. Johnston 89
A Correction, by Capt. Catesby Jones 90
Capture of the Indianola, by General J. L. Brent 91
General Fitz. Lee's Eulogy on Stuart 99
Seacoast Defences of South Carolina and Georgia, by General A. L. Long 103
Editorial Paragraphs 108


Treatment of Prisoners:
Mr. Blaine's Arraignment 112
The question stated 115
Letter from President Davis 116
Testimony of General R. E. Lee 120
Vice-President Stephens' Statement 123
Judge Ould's Vindication of the Confederate Government 125
Report of Joint Committee of the Confederate Congress 132
Extract from Central Presbyterian 151
Confederate Laws 152
Treatment of Privateers 153
The Cartel 156
Confederate Soldiers and their Prisoners 159
Andersonville 161
Statement of one of the Guard 164
Paper of Dr. Jos. Jones on causes of mortality 170
Editorial Comments 179
Extracts from statement of Dr. R. R. Stephenson 182
Testimony of Federal Prisoners 184
Statement of General J. D. Imboden 187
Report of Colonel D. T. Chandler 197
Letter from Honorable R. G. H. Kean 199
Letter from Secretary Seddon 203
Letters in defence of General Winder 205
Judge Ould's reply to charges against him 210
Official Statistics on relative mortality of Prisoners 216
Failure to make a case 218
Editorial Paragraphs 221


Treatment of Prisoners (Concluded):
Mr. Blaine's description of Northern Prisons 225
Narrative of Henry Clay Dean 226
Prison Life of Rev. Geo. W. Nelson 243
Letter of a Confederate Officer 256
Narrative of Hon. A. M. Keiley 259
Experience of Dr. I. W. K. Handy 270
Statement of Rev. Geo. Harris 273
Deposition of T. D. Henry 276
Statement of Major Robert Stiles 279
Rock Island Prison, by Chas. W. Wright 281
Prison Rules at Fort Delaware 292
Testimony of a Federal Soldier 292
Efforts of a Northern gentleman to relieve our prisoners 294
Letter from a U. S. Medical Officer 296
The Exchange Question 298
Letter from General Lee 299
Commissioner Ould's Report 303
Federal Orders Revoking Paroles 308
Comments of General J. A. Early 309
How the Federals Refused to Exchange 312
Testimony of General B. F. Butler 313
Statement of Junius Henri Browne 314
Testimony of General U. S. Grant 316
The Negro Question 317
Efforts of the Confederacy to effect an Exchange 318
Letter of Chief Justice Shea 319
Summing up of the whole question 325
Editorial Paragraphs 326


Reminiscences of the Confederate Navy 331
Captain Ritter's Account of the Death of Sergt. Langley 362
General Wilcox on Seven Pines 364
Review of Bates' Gettysburg, by Colonel Wm. Allen 365
Diary of Captain R. E. Park, of the 12th Ala. Regiment 370
Correction of Incident in Reference to General Pickett 387
Address of General D. H. Hill before the Mecklenburg, North Carolina, Historical Society 389
Editorial Paragraphs 399
Book Notices 400


Seacoast Defences—Letter from General Thos. Jordan 403
Strength of Lee's Army in the Seven Days Battles—Marshall, Johnston and Early 407
General D. H. Maury's Review of Van Horne's "Army of the Cumberland" 424
Diary of Captain R. E. Park 430
Attack on Fort Gilmer 438
Colonel John B. Baldwin's Interview with Lincoln—A Memoir by Dr. R. L. Dabney 443
Official Correspondence of Gov. Letcher, of Virginia, in 1861 455
Editorial Paragraphs 463
Col. Chas. C. Jones' Confederate Roster 467