Southern Historical Society Papers/Volume 05

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Southern Historical Society Papers.




Rev. J. WM. JONES, D. D.,





The Battle of Gettysburg: Page.
Letter from General James H. Lane 38
Letter from Colonel J. B. Walton 47
Letter from General Longstreet 52
Origin of our Gettysburg Series 87
Letter from the Count of Paris 88
Letter from Major Scheibert, of the Prussian Engineers 90
Letter from General E. P. Alexander 201
General Longstreet's Full Account of the Campaign and Battle 54
General Lane's Official Report 41
General R. Taylor's Comments 138
General Fitz. Lee's Review of First Two Days and Reply to Longstreet 162
General Pendleton's Report 194
Numerical Strength of Both Armies, by Comte de Paris 204
Colonel Walter H. Taylor on Numerical Strength 239
Colonel Taylor's Reply to the Count of Paris 242
General Longstreet's Second Paper 257
General Early's Second Reply to Longstreet 270
Rev. Dr. McKim's Narrative of part borne by Steuart's Brigade 291
Annual Meeting of Southern Historical Society:  
Address of General J. T. Morgan 1
Report of Executive Committee 34
Capture of President Davis:  
Major Walthall's Reply to General J. H. Wilson 97
Letter from Colonel William Preston Johnston 118
Letter from ex-Governor Lubbock 122
Letter from Hon. George Davis 124
Battle of Jonesboro', Ga.:  
Letter from General H. D. Clayton 127
Letter from Lieutenant-General S. D. Lee 130
Letter from General R. L. Gibson 132
Official Report of General Clayton 134
Battle of Murfreesboro':  
Report of General John C. Breckinridge 209
Report of Colonel R. L. Gibson 217
Colonel Gibson's Report of Operations of Adams' Brigade 219
General R. Taylor's Notes on the Valley of Virginia 136
General R. Taylor's Notes on Shiloh 139
Appeal of the Lee Monument Association 141
Gen. Beauregard on Torpedo Service in the Harbor & Water Defence of Charleston 145
President Davis' Reply to Mr. Hunter 222
Grant as a Soldier and Civilian, by General Dabney H. Maury 227
Flanner's North Carolina Battery at the Battle of the Crater 247
Justice to Gen. Magruder-Letter from Rev. P. G. Robert 249
The First Maryland Cavalry, C. S. A., by Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden 251
The Confederacy a Government de jure as well as de facto—Opinion of Judge Turney 288
Editorial Paragraphs 94, 141, 207, 254, 301
Book Notices 95, 304