Spendthrift clapt into limbo, or, the rake reclaim'd/The Answer to Sweet Polly


DOwn by yonder river I heard a fine ſong, (long,
The voice wast moſt ſweet, the theme was not
From a beautiful creature, her voice was moſt dear,
I'd thought myfelf happy had my love been ſo near

And still all her cry was my dear come away,
'Tis for your ſweet ſake, love, ſo long I do ſtay:
I drew a little nigh to a tree that was green,
The leaves they did ſhade me I could not be ſeen,

It was not long after when a young man came by,
With his curled black hair, and a black rolling eye,
He ſaluted his miſtreſs, and by her ſat down,
Then their ruby red lips together did join.

I ſaw by her bluſhes her true love was come,
He faluted his true love, she bade him ſit down,
Her colour went from her, and ſo came again,
She was ſeized with love, ſo great was her pain.

What ſays my fair one to the will I reſign,
What pleaſes your fancy ſhall always pleaſe mine,
They join'd heart & hand, to the church they did go,
Now Colin and Polly lives conſtant and true.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.