Spirella Catalogue (1933)/3


The Spirella Catalogue illustrates and describes the various kinds and styles of figure training and supporting garments manufactured by the Spirella Company and gives specific information concerning their use.

The garments are arranged in the following groups : Brassiere-Girdles, Girdles, Corsets, Maternity Supporting Garments, Abdominal and Sacro-Iliac Belts, Brassieres. Each of these groups is arranged accord- ing to the Spirella Type Classification.

The illustrations are exact representations of the various features and details of construction of the garment. Each illustration carries a dark panel background, with circle. The uniform size of this panel and circle throughout the book serves to emphasize the Spirella Type Classification, the distinction in size and contour in figures of different types, and the garments designed for those types.

The illustrations, used together with the paragraphs headed Adaptability, Basic Features and Measurements, give a complete picture of each garment the type of figure and the purpose for which it is designed, the different features of construction, and the varying sizes, heights and lengths in which it may be ordered.

After the illustrations and descriptive pages for each group, illustrations and descriptions of the Basic Features are given, followed by information on How to Order and Important Points to Be Kept in Mind.

Under General Helps in the back of the book summaries are given of the General Steps in Selection and The Spirella System of Measuring the Body.

Just before Abbreviations and Terms at the end of the section on General Helps, will be found a series of illustrations showing Normal Figures and Their Variations, together with information for the guidance of the Corsetiere in studying the client's figure and considering her needs.

This Catalogue together with Spirella Principles are the Corsetiere's complete guide to her daily work. Each book is incomplete without the other. The right use of both makes the Spirella Corsetiere an authority on Spirella Foundation Garments, shows her how to build a business, and enables her to bring to women a service that they cannot get elsewhere.

The designs in this Catalogue have all been worked out on the method of preparing the foundation with and taking the measurements over the Fitting Garments. Theref ore, this method must be followed.