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States of Christian Life and Vocation, According to the Doctors and Theologians of the Church/Part 2/Section 2/Prayers

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" I exhort you to say, during nine days, the following prayer," said St. Liguori to a young woman who consulted him on her vocation :

" O Lord Jesus Christ, who didst die to save me ! I beseech thee, by the merits of thy blood, to give me the light and strength that I need, in order to choose the state which shall be most conducive to my salvation. " And them, O my loving mother, Mary ever Virgin ! obtain for me this grace through thy powerful intercession. "[1]

"I wish you," wrote the same holy doctor to a young man, " I wish you to say this short prayer which I send you:

" O my God ! I am a wretched creature, that in past times has despised thee. To-day, however, I esteem and love thee above all things, and I wish never more to love any one or any thing but thee. Thou wishest to have me wholly for thyself, and I wish to belong altogether to thee. Speak, O Lord ! thy servant heareth. Make known to me what thou askest of me : my wish is to conform entirely to thy divine will. Especially do I beg of thee to let me know in what state thou wiliest that I should serve thee. "[2]

Lastly, St. Liguori gives this advice to souls that are called to the religious state : " In all your prayers, at all your communions, you should remember to renew to God the offering of yourselves, saying :

" Here I am, O Lord ! I no longer belong to myself: I am wholly thine. I have already given myself to thee, and I now give myself to thee again. Deign to accept my offering, give me strength to be faithful to thee, and to retire as soon as possible into thy holy house. "[3]


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