Stories from the Arabian nights

Stories from the Arabian nights  (1907) 
edited and retold by Laurence Housman

Illustrated by : Edmund Dulac.
Some letters are wrong because the machine that read them interpreted them wrong

  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  • The Story of the Wicked Half-brothers
  • The Story Of The Princess Of Deryabar
  • A City Among The Isles Named Deryabar
  • The Princess Of Deryabar
  • The Story Of The Magic Horse
  • At So Arrogant A Claim All The Courtiers Burst
  • Into Loud Laughter . 81
  • Till The Tale Of Her Mirror Contented Her. 89
  • She Gave Orders For The Banquet To Be
  • Served 97
  • The Fisherman And The Genie
  • No Sooner Had The Monarch Seen Them, So
  • Strange Of Form And So Brilliant And
  • Diverse In Hue . 113
  • Thereupon The Damsel Upset The Pan Into
  • The Fire . 119
  • The Story Of The King Of The Ebony Isles
  • Supposing Me Asleep, They Began To Talk . 127
  • Great Was The Astonishment Of The Vizier
  • And The Sultan's Escort . . 188
  • The History Of Badoura, Princess Of China,
  • And Of Camaralzaman, The Island Prince
  • Princess Badoura
  • The Final Marriage Procession.
  • Sindbad The Sailor
  • The Rokh . 218
  • The Episode Of The Old Man Of The Sea. . 2b5
  • Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp
  • Aladdin in the cave
  • The lady of Bedr-el-Budur and the wicked magician
  • There is an undigitalized [PDF] with the right letters and with all the images.

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