Stratford, Edmund (DNB00)

STRATFORD verè Lechmere, EDMUND, D.D. (d. 1640?), catholic divine, descended from an ancient family in Worcestershire (cf. Nash, Worcestershire, i. 560 et passim). He was educated in the English College at Douay, where he finished the whole course of divinity under Dr. Matthew Kellison [q. v.], and in 1617 was made professor of philosophy. Subsequently he studied at Paris under Gamache, and, after graduating B.D. there, he returned to Douay, where he taught divinity for about eight years. He was created D.D. at Rheims on 25 Oct. 1633, and died at Douay ‘in the prime of his years’ about 1640.

His works are: 1. ‘A Disputation of the Church, wherein the old religion is maintained. By F. E.,’ Douay, 1632, 8vo; ‘by E. S. F.,’ 2 pts., Douay, 1640, 8vo. 2. ‘A Relection of Transubstantiation; in defence of Dr. Smith's Conference with Dr. Featley,’ 1632, 8vo [see Smith, Richard, (1566–1655)]. This was answered by ‘An Apologie for Daniel Featley … against the Calumnies of one S. E. in respect of his Conference had with Doctor Smith. … Made by Myrth. Waferer, Mr. of Artes of Albane Hall in Oxon.,’ London, 1634, 4to. 3. ‘A Relection of certain Authors, that are pretended to disown the Church's Infallibility,’ Douay, 1635. Some theological and philosophical treatises by him were formerly preserved in manuscript in the library of the English College at Douay.

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