Stryker v. Crane

Stryker v. Crane by Morrison Waite
Court Documents

United States Supreme Court

123 U.S. 527

Stryker  v.  Crane

C. H. Gatch and Wm. Connor, for plaintiffs in error.

George Crane, for defendants in error.


These suits all grew out of the delay which attended the settlement of the controversies in reference to the Des Moines river improvement land grant made by congress to the territory of Iowa, August 8, 1846, which will be hereafter referred to as the 'River Grant.' 9 St. 77. The character of those controversies may be seen by referring to the cases of Railroad Co. v. Litchfield, 23 How. 66; Wolcott v. Des Moines Co., 5 Wall. 681; Williams v. Baker, 17 Wall. 144; Homestead Co. v. Railroad, Id. 153; and Wolsey v. Chapman, 101 U.S. 755. At first it was supposed, both by the officers of the United States and of the state, that the grant embraced lands above the Raccoon Fork of the river, and the state of Iowa made conveyances to the Des Moines Navigation & Railroad Company, under which John Stryker, Richard B. Chapman, Grace H. Litchfield, Edwin C. Litchfield, J. B. Plumb, and William B. Welles each claimed title to separate tracts in that locality as bona fide purchasers.


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