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Suggestive programs for special day exercises/Labor Day/The Scissors



(Recitation for little girls, holding scissors that "snip" at the proper time.)

We're a jolly pair of twins,
 And we always work together.
We are always bright and sharp,
 However dull the weather.
Whenever little Maidie
 Takes her work-box in her lap.
We are always up and ready
 With our “Snip, snip, snap!”

We cut the pretty patches
To piece the pretty quilt;
Each square the next one matches,
Their posies never wilt;
We trim the edges neatly.
With never a mishap.
And what music sounds so sweetly
As our “Snip, snip, snap!”

We cut the dolly's mantle;
 We shape the dolly's dress.
Oh, half the clever things we do
 You'd never, never guess!
For food or sleep or playtime
 We do not care a rap.
But are ready night and daytime.
 With our “Snip, snip, snap!”

  Snip, snip, snap,
  Snip, snip, snap,
  We are always up and ready
  With our “Snip, snip, snap!”