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Suggestive programs for special day exercises/Washington and Lowell Day/Washington Elm

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This tree still stands at Cambridge, Mass. It is on Garden street, a short distance from the colleges, and is a large, well-preserved tree! An iron fence is built around it, and on a stone in front is the following inscription: “ Under this tree George Washington took command of the American Army, July 3, 1775.”

Beneath our consecrated elm
A century ago he stood
Famed vaguely for that old fight in the wood
Whose red surge sought, but could not overwhelm
The life foredoomed to wield our rough-hewn helm:


Firmly erect, he towered above them all,
The incarnate discipline that was to free
With iron curb that armed democracy.

Lowell—“ Under the Old Elm. ”

Gratefully cherish our Washington’s name.
Grand is the tribute ensured him by Fame.