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Summarized Detainee Statement (Abdullah Gulam Rasoul, ISN 8)


Summarized Detainee Statement

When the Taliban took over Kabul, I left my village in order to go to Kabul just to see the city. Many other people were doing the same thing. After I came to Kabul, I spent 20 nights and after 20 nights 1 was outside Kabul city. There was a big bombardment and I got hurt. After I was hurt, I was brought to Kandahar. There was a Chinese hospital that I was being treated at. After I was treated at the hospital for my wounds, I went back to my home.

After I went to Konduz, I didn't go there to fight Americans, because Americans were not there back then. No one told me the Americans would come. If I was going to fight Americans, I could go to Kabul and fight the Americans there.

I went to Konduz because my village people were there and I was hoping to earn some money in Konduz. After Konduz, I heard Americans were coming to get Osama Bin Laden.

When I was in Konduz, I heard that Red Cross was arranging surrender. That's when I surrendered myself.

I have always experienced war and conflict. I surrendered myself to Americans because I was hoping Americans had some arrangements with Red Cross and I had never heard of Americans mistreating anybody in the past. I surrendered myself to Americans when there were many Taliban that didn't do the same. They are the people that were fighting the Americans in the war against the Americans.

There were many Taliban in Konduz, but there was one person by the name Dadi Allah (Dadullah?). He was the leader of the Taliban. If you are arresting everybody on the name of Taliban, it doesn't mean they are out against Americans. A few people are anti-American people, but not every Taliban.

Americans have come to Afghanistan to rebuild the irrigation system. Should I be crazy not (sic) to be against Americans? There is a company where I am from that was built by Americans.

I have heard from my elders that Americans have helped us a lot during our war against the Russians. They have provided us with weapons, and one of them was a long weapon that was really effective.

There should be a difference between someone who surrenders himself and someone who has fought against Americans. I surrendered myself to Americans. If I was caught on a battlefield, then you could punish me for that reason because I was fighting you, but that is not true about me because I surrendered myself to Red Cross.

I have seen the pictures that Afghanistan is being rebuilt and I am happy that Americans are rebuilding my country because it was destroyed by fighting. I see no reason why I should be against Americans. I don't have anything else to add to this.

Answers in response to questions by the Recorder;Edit

I went to Konduz. I went there to earn some money but there was Taliban there when I went there. I didn't go to fight anyone. I surrendered to Dostum. I don't know who he was, but he was the leader of something. When I surrendered I was in the car with another man. That man was a Taliban Leader. I had a Kalashnikov rifle in Konduz. The Kalashnikov was given to me forcefully by the Taliban. I don't recall the exact date it was given to me.

After I spent a lot of time in Konduz, I heard on the radio that the Americans are coming to Afghanistan to get Osama. I can't recall how much time I spent in Konduz. I lived in something like a fortress in Konduz with other people. There were not tanks surrounding the fortress. I surrendered to Dostum.

Answers in response to questions by the Personal Representative:Edit

I do not want to talk about the Kalashnikov.

Answers in response to questions by the Tribunal Members:Edit

There were no questions from any Tribunal Members.


I certify the material contained in this transcript is a true and accurate summary of the testimony given during the proceedings.

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps
Tribunal President

ISN #008
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