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Information about this edition
Edition: The Holy Bible (Rouen: Iohn Covstvrier, 1633-1635).
Source: OT1:



Contributor(s): ChristusRex
Level of progress: See index pages
Notes: The transcriber's typographic notes:
  • Replace ſ and it's italic variant with the modern 's'.
  • Replace ā, ē, ō and ū with am/an, em/en, om/on and um/un
  • replace vv with the modern 'w'.
  • replace ligatures with their ascii equivalent ( with 'st', ß with 'ss', etc).
  • The double prime (U+2033) is used where it appears in the text for annotation references.
  • Always use the standard ampersand & if a variant of it appears.
  • Type all greek words in plain text.

Templates used

  • don't use {{illegible}} without first checking the alternate scans.
  • For verse numbering, use {{verse}} and not the number. And put directly in front of the word, not with a space. E.g. 2Text-here NOT 2. Text-here
  • If a margin note is referenced with (a), (b), (c), or a star *, use <ref></ref> otherwise use {{MarginNote}}
  • Pay attention to {{hyphenated word start}} and {{hyphenated word end}} this book uses it a lot. ({{hws}} and {{hwe}})
Proofreaders: ChristusRex

Proofreading reference materialEdit

The original 1582-1610 edition which varies in spelling of certain words and in the content of certain notes

  1. (NT)
  2. (OT Volume 1)
  3. (OT Volume 2)

Available transcripts online of the original edition

Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numeri Deuteronomy
Josue Judges Ruth Samuel 1 Samuel 2
3 Kings 4 Kings 2 Paralipomenon 1 Paralipomenon 1 Esdras Nehemias
Tobias Judith Job Esther Psalmes
Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Songs

A complete transcription of the three original volumes of much lesser quality than the one above is available at
Note: These transcripts are not of the same edition used here, and so spelling must be updated as well as errors corrected.