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Talk:Chopin Nocturnes Opus 9/Number 2

Credit and thanks to User:Beeswaxcandle for guidance and significant help on this project. It would not have been made available otherwise. Londonjackbooks (talk) 21:49, 1 February 2018 (UTC)

Noted 'errors' in originalEdit

  • Bar 6 treble clef should read: g[\< b, c des->( c) f->( e) aes->( g) des'\( c g\!\)] bes4.\> aes4\! g8
  • Bar 14 treble clef should read: g16\< b, c des( c) f(\! e)_\markup { \italic cres. } aes( g) des'\( c g bes4.\) aes4\> g8
  • Bar 19 bass clef should read: e,, <e' des'> <bes' des g> e,, <e' c'> <bes' c g'> f, <f' ees'!> <c' ees a> g, <g' d'> <bes d bes'>
  • Bar 22 treble clef: High note (C) sounds off. Other version has ♭.
  • Bar 30 treble clef should read: aes,, <ees'' aes ces> <aes ces ees> <ees aes ces> <aes ces ees> <ees aes ces> ees, <g' ees'> <bes ees g> a, <f' ees'> <ces' ees f>
  • Bar 31 treble clef should read: <ces ces'>8[ <bes bes'>8 <beses beses'>8] <aes! aes'!>8[ <g g'>8 <d d'>8] <ees ees'>8 <ees' ees'>4. <f f,>8[ <c c'>8]

Bar 32 treble clef adjustment for sound fileEdit


    \cadenzaOn <ces ces'>2.\ff_\markup { \italic "senza Tempo" } <bes bes'>2.\fermata \teeny ces'!16[ bes c a] ces[ bes c a!] ces[\< bes c a]
      \repeat unfold 4 { ces[ bes c a] }
      ces[ bes c a]\! \bar "" \break \repeat unfold 3 { ces[ bes c a] } ces[\> bes c a]\! ces16[ bes16 d16 c16]
      bes16[_\markup { \italic \normalsize rallent. } a!16 aes16 g16] f16\([ d16 ees16 ces16]_\markup { \italic \normalsize smorz. }
      \ottava #0 bes8[ aes^\markup { \normalsize loco. } c, d]\) \cadenzaOff \normalsize \bar "|" %% 32


    \cadenzaOn <ces ces'>2.\ff_\markup { \italic "senza Tempo" } <bes bes'>2.\fermata \teeny \scaleDurations 11/8 {ces'!16[} \scaleDurations 10/8 {bes} c a] ces[ bes c a!] ces[\< \scaleDurations 7/8 {bes c a]}
      \scaleDurations 6/8 {ces[ bes c a]} \scaleDurations 5/8 {ces[ bes c a]} \scaleDurations 4/8 {ces[ bes c a]} \scaleDurations 4/8 {ces[ bes c a]
      ces[ bes c a]\!} \bar "" \break \scaleDurations 5/8 {ces[ bes c a!]} \scaleDurations 6/8 {ces[ bes c a]} \scaleDurations 7/8 {ces[ bes c a]} \scaleDurations 8/8 {ces[\> bes c a]\!} \scaleDurations 9/8 {ces16[ bes16 d16 c16]}
      \scaleDurations 10/8 {bes16[_\markup { \italic \normalsize rallent. } a!16 aes16 g16]} \scaleDurations 11/8 {f16\([} \scaleDurations 12/8 {d16} \scaleDurations 13/8 {ees16} \scaleDurations 14/8 {ces16]_\markup { \italic \normalsize smorz. }}
      \ottava #0 \scaleDurations 14/8 {bes8[} \scaleDurations 15/8 {aes^\markup { \normalsize loco. }} \scaleDurations 16/8 {c,} \scaleDurations 17/8 {d]\)} \cadenzaOff \normalsize \bar "|" %% 32

Small correction appears to have fixed rendering problemEdit

This fix appears to have fixed the rendering problem documented here. -Pete (talk) 21:52, 2 September 2019 (UTC)

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