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Information about this edition
Edition: Revised edition
Source: OCR scans. 1911, 1941
Contributor(s): User:RJHall
Level of progress: This will take a while because of the number of math encodings required.25%.svg
Notes: The book uses some older mathematical notation. All images will be uploaded to the Commons, including scans of the original title page and copyright page.
Proofreaders: User:RJHall

Progress and quality of texts
Text being edited : 25%.svg Text complete : 50%.svg Proofread and corrected : 75%.svg Proofread by several users : 100 percent.svg


  • The scanned images for this book are stored in the commons under the Granville Elements of Calculus category.
  • The formatting of the mathematical formulae in this work is inconsistent with regard to size. I'm planning to go through later and insert "\ " where appropriate to force all the equations to the same size.