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Edition: "The Works of Gildas, Surnamed 'Sapiens,' or the Wise", in Six Old English Chronicles of Which Two Are Now First Translated from the Monkish Latin Originals: Ethelwerd's Chronicle, Asser's Life of Alfred, Geoffrey of Monmouth's British History, Gildas, Nennius, and Richard of Cirencester. Ed. John Allen Giles. London: Henry G. Bohn, 1848.

A revision of Thomas Habington's The Epistle of Gildas the most ancient British Author: who flourished in the yeere of our Lord, 546. And who by his great erudition, sanctitie, and wisdome, acquired the name of Sapiens. Faithfully translated out of the originall Latine in 8 vols. London: T. Cotes for William Cooke, 1638.

Source: Project Gutenberg; Google Books; Medieval Sourcebook (London: G. Bell & Sons, 1891.)
Contributor(s): User:Nicknack009
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