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a version i got online i forgot where ends thus:

 LUCIUS. Some loving friends convey the Emperor hence,
   And give him burial in his father's grave.
   My father and Lavinia shall forthwith
   Be closed in our household's monument.
   As for that ravenous tiger, Tamora, 
   No funeral rite, nor man in mourning weed,
   No mournful bell shall ring her burial;
   But throw her forth to beasts and birds to prey.
   Her life was beastly and devoid of pity,
   And being dead, let birds on her take pity.

which is different then the one in wikisource. Does anyone know what's the deal? 8 July 2005 09:49 (UTC) Xah Lee

Which edition?Edit

The edition that was used as the source for this play should be cited. Webbbbbbber 22:14, 18 May 2008 (UTC)