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Source: Lenin:What Is To Be Done?, on the Marxists Internet Archives
Contributor(s): Jameshfisher, Mtmelendez
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Notes: The text of this volume is that of the 1902 edition, verified with the 1907 edition.
From Lenin:What Is To Be Done?, on the Marxists Internet Archives.

Copyright statusEdit

Before I try to finish this work with the source provided, I conducted a search for the copyright status of the work, to make sure I can upload it and avoid copyvio problems in the future. This is what I found:

The original work was written and published in Russian language by Vladimir Lenin (d. 1924) in Russia in 1902. This means that the original text is PD in the US because of the PD-70 and PD-1923 rules. The English translation (presented here) was made by Joe Fineberg and George Hanna. Now, there are discrepancies on when and where the translation was published: the source says it was published in Lenin’s Collected Works by Foreign Languages Publishing House in 1961 in Moscow.[1], another site refers to one published by International Publishers in 1969 in New York, and finally another one published by Pinguin Books in 1988. I'm assuming that our original source is correct, and that the original translation work was published first in Moscow in 1961, and all subsequent versions are derivative of this publication. Given this, the PD rule which would apply is the 1964-no-renewal rule, since it was published before 1964 and a simple search reveals no renewal notices: [2][3]. It is still copyrighted in Russia (1954 rule), but not in the US. This is consonant with our source's assertion that the work is in the public domain.

Feel free to double check my work. Any inconsistency should be noted. Thanks, - Mtmelendez 19:38, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

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