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Publications may have text that is to be interpreted as capitals, but is presented as small caps for readability, stylistic, or traditional reasons. Converting the source to lower-case and applying small-caps may be undesirable since readers copying the rendered text will get the lower-case version. Additionally, software that doesn't support small-caps (e.g. some e-readers) will show all-lower-case text.

This template allows you to represent the appearance of the original and maintain the intended meaning.

A short version {{asc}} is provided, analogous to {{sc}}.

Usage Edit

This template takes a single un-named parameter: the text to be styled.

{{All small caps|Wikisource MXIX A.D.}} = Wikisource MXIX A.D.

Comparison Edit

  • {{sc|wikisource mxix a.d.}} = wikisource mxix a.d. (looks the same but copies as "wikisource mxix a.d.")
  • {{sc|Wikisource MXIX A.D.}} = Wikisource MXIX A.D.
  • Wikisource {{fs70|MXIX A.D.}} = Wikisource MXIX A.D.

Examples Edit

In some versions of the Christian Holy Bible, the Tetragrammaton is represented as Lord. This should be copyable and machine-processable as "Lord" or "LORD", but not "lord".

Roman numerals like LXVI may be printed at a small size, but be clearly distinct from uses of "lxvi" forms in the same work.

In modern use, a.m./p.m., A.M./P.M., and A.M./P.M are all acceptable. A.D., B.C., A.H., etc. are not presented as "a.d.", "b.c.", or "a.h.".

Implementation details Edit

This template uses the CSS property font-variant: all-small-caps. The expected rendering behaviour is:

  • If supported by both web browser and font, true small-caps glyphs will be used.
  • If supported by the browser but not the font, normal upper-case glyphs will be used, scaled down to the x-height.
  • If the web browser doesn't recognise the property, all-caps and mixed case will remain unaltered.

See also Edit

  • {{Small-caps}} (equivalently {{Small caps}}, {{sc}}) convert lower-case source to small-caps glyphs, but leave upper-case as large capitals.
  • {{fs70}}, {{fs75}}, etc. can be used to scale down capitals without requesting small-cap glyphs.

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Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Text to be rendered, in all-small caps.