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Template:De Materia Medica

Substance description template for De Materia Medica (Author:Pedanius Dioscorides). The template includes information for three versions of Dioscorides:

  • spreng = Sprengel page number (Google Books)
  • el = Greek name of substance
  • berend = Berendes page number (Google Books)
  • dec = Berendes' common name
  • des = Berendes' species name
  • enc = Gunther's common name (generally not given)
  • ens = Gunther's species name
  • salam = University of Salamanca reference
  • esc = Spanish common name (Antonio López Eire y Francisco Cortés Gabaudan, University of Salamanca)
  • salam2, esc2 = second reference and common name (to allow multiple Wikilinks)
  • ess = Salamanca species name(s)
  • notes = General notes field