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This template is intended to mark a portion of a text, page or work where a word or phrase has been transcribed based on context, given that it is potentially missing from the scan (due to clipping or other technical issues) as opposed to be being truly unreadable (see also {{illegible}}).



where phrase is the content that has been added, guessed or reconstructed based on context.


Code Output
text in which a {{reconstruct|word}} has been reconstructed. text in which a word has been reconstructed.

The optional second parameter can be used to provide more detail about the reconstruction:

* O Romeo, Romeo, {{reconstruct|wherefore|Poor imprint, but can be reconstructed from other editions.}} art thou Romeo?
  • O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

See alsoEdit

  • {{illegible}} for when text cannot be read nor reconstructed
  • {{?}}/{{language characters}} for characters that are not illegible but need specialist entry
  • {{redact}} for text that has been redacted in the source document