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recto—verso header is intended to make it easier to deal with the differences between recto and verso page headers in simple cases. By convention, recto pages have a page header consisting of a centred chapter or section title and a right-aligned page number, while verso pages have a left-aligned page number and a centred work title. Similarly, works tend to start their page numbering (page "1") on a recto page, meaning odd-numbered pages are recto pages and even-numbered pages are verso pages. This template attempts to make the recto—verso changes semi-automatic by calling {{RunningHeader}} with different parameters depending on whether the provided page number is odd or even.

The syntax is:

  • {{recto—verso header|pagenumber|text for recto pages|text for verso pages}}


  • {{rvh|1|A Chapter|The Great Work}}
A Chapter
  • {{rvh|2|A Chapter|The Great Work}}
The Great Work

It is also possible to specify a single title to use on all pages:

  • {{recto—verso header|pagenumber|text for all pages}}

The intended use is to insert this template in the Header field of the work's index page with the page number argument replaced with {{{pagenum}}}. When creating a page in the Page: namespace, the ProofreadPage extension will replace that argument with the actual page number, leading to a template invocation that will do the right thing.

Note that this template deliberately only handles very simple and regular cases, and does not expose the full functionality of {{RunningHeader}}. It is intended to make simple cases simple, not to be everything to everyone in all cases.

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