Volumes of The Statutes at Large (c. 1760's) (To 5Geo3):

Continued to 1786

Runnington's Edition (10 Vols. 1786 revision and continuation to c. 1800)

See also further continued editions by Thomas Edlyne Tomlins, John Raithby, Nicholas Simons, and George Kettilby Rickards
Parallel series by Danby Pickering

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This template creates a standard list of volumes for Owen Ruffhead's The Statutes at Large. Links lead to the Index page for each volume.

This template acts as a central point of reference for all Index pages in the series, to maintain conformity and reduce the need to amend multiple lists (if necessary).

Usage Edit

{{Ruffhead volumes}}

Place in the Volumes field of appropriate Index pages. May be placed on other pages as appropriate for ease of navigation.