The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Hertz, Hendrik

Edition of 1879. See also Henrik Hertz on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

HERTZ, Hendrik, a Danish poet, born in Copenhagen, Aug. 25, 1798. He is of Jewish parentage, but joined the Protestant church, and studied law. In 1826 he published anonymously his first comedy, Herr Burckhard og hans Familie, which was rapidly followed by others. Gjenganger-Brevene, a polemical poem (1830), attracted much attention on account of its severe criticism of the literature of the day. His tragedy Svend Dyrings Huus (1837) added greatly to his popularity by its patriotic character, and a lyrical drama entitled “King Rene's Daughter” carried his fame into Germany, France, and England, where his works have since been translated as soon as they appeared. Among his novels, Stemninger og Tilstande (1839), Johannes Johnson (1858), and Eventyr og Fortällinger (1862) are specially noteworthy.