The American Journal of Sociology/Volume 06



Alger, George W. Courts and Factory Legislation 396
Auten, Nellie Mason.Sweating System in the Garment Trades in Chicago 602
Blauvelt, Mary Taylor.The Race Problem 662
Bliss, H. L.Eccentric Official Statistics: V 105
Commons, John R.Sociological View of Sovereignty: VII 67
Ellwood, Charles A.Public Outdoor Relief 90
Ellwood, Charles A.The Theory of Imitation in Social Psychology 721
Graves, ElmaMunicipal Art 673
Henderson, Charles R.Prison Laboratories 316
Henderson, Charles R.The Scope of Social Technology 465
Hubbard, Charles M.Relation of Charity-Organization Societies to Relief Societies and Relief-Giving 783
James, Edmund J.City Council of Berlin 407
Johnson, AlexanderA Minor Reform in Indiana 742

SMALL, ALBION W. The Scope of Sociology : VI. Some Incidents of Associa- tion, - 324 SMALL, ALBION W. The Scope of Sociology = VII. Classification of Associa- tions, 487 SMITH, SAMUEL G. The Board of Control in Minnesota, 778 THOMAS, WILLIAM I. The Gaming Instinct, 750 WEST, MAX. The Fourteenth Amendment and the Race Question, 248 WILLOUGHBY, W. W. The Ethics of the Competitive Process, - 145 WOODRUFF, CLINTON ROGERS. A Year's Municipal Development, 532 WORK, MONROE N. Crime among the Negroes of Chicago, 204 YARROS, VICTOR S. Theoretical and Practical Nietzscheism, - 682


BRINKERHOFF, ROCLIFF. Recollections of a Lifetime. C. R. Henderson. 278

CHAMBRUN. Le Pouvoir executif aux Etats-Unis. Ernst Freund, - 855

CHRISTIAN, F. W. The Caroline Islands. W, I. Thomas, 127 CUNNINGHAM, W. An Essay on Western Civilization in its Economic Aspects.

C. R. Henderson, - 710

CURRY, J. L. M. Civil History of the Confederate States. Albion W. Small, - 847

DANIELS, W. M. Elements of Public Finance. C. ff. Henderson, 278

DENIKER, J. The Races of Man. W. I. Thomas, - 71 1

DRAHMS, AUGUST. The Criminal. C. R. Henderson, - 274 DURCKHEIM, EMILE. L'Annde Sociologique. Troisieme Anne'e (1898-99).

Albion W. Small, 276

EASTLAKE, ALLAN. The Oneida Community. W 7 . I. Thomas, 128

ELY, RICHARD T. Monopolies and Trusts. Charles J. Bullock, 121

FAIRCHILD, GEORGE T. Rural Wealth and Welfare. C. R. Henderson, 126 FOLKS, HOMER. Care of Destitute, Neglected, and Delinquent Children. C.

J?. Henderson, - 422

GILMAN, N. P. A Dividend to Labor. Paul Monroe, 416

GRIGGS, EDWARD HOWARD. The New Humanism. G. E. Fellows, 276

GUMHILL, J. The Morals of Suicide/ C. R. Henderson, 423

HIRN, YRJO. The Origins of Art. W. I. Thomas, - 709

LEONARD, E. M. Early History of English Poor Relief. C. R. Henderson, - 711

MACY, JESSE. Political Parties in the United States. Albion W. Small, - 424

MAYO-SMITH, RICHMOND. Science of Statistics. H. L. Bliss, 563

MORRIS, HENRY C. The History of Civilization. George E. Fellows, 707

PEABODY, FRANCIS G. Jesus Christ and the Social Question. C. R. Henderson, 709

PINKERTON, MATTHEW WORTH. Murder in All Ages. W.I.Thomas, - 127

PROAL, Louis. Le Crime et le Suicide passionnels. C. R. Henderson, 712

ROBERTS, ISAAC P. The Farmstead. C. R. Henderson, - 712 RULLKOETTER, WILLIAM. The Legal Protection of Women among the Ancient

Germans. C. R. Henderson, - 712 SCHMOLLER, GUSTAV. Grundriss der allgemeinen Volkswirthschaftslehre.

Albion IV . Small, 424

SHUEY, EDWIN L. Factory People and Their Employers. C. R. Henderson, 855 CONTENTS vii


SIMMEI., GEORG. Philosophic des Geldes. B. H. Meyer, 852

SMITH, GOLDWIN. The United Kingdom. Benjamin Terry, 419

SWIFT, LINDSAY. Brook Farm. Rho Fisk Zueblin, - 272

THOMAS, W. H. The American Negro. Richard A. Wright, Jr., 849 WALKER, FRANCIS A. Discussions in Economics and Statistics. Albion W.

Small, 273 WORMS, RENE. Annales de 1'institut International de Sociologie (1899).

Albion W. Small, - - , - - 277


July, 129

September, 279

November, 427

January, 573

March, 713

May, - 856