The Annotated "Privateersman"

The Privateersman, or One Hundred Years Ago  (1846) 
by Frederick Marryat

Another Annotated work. To read the unannotated original, see The Privateersman, or One Hundred Years Ago.

Notes for the entire WorkEdit

  • Each chapter in this work contains the "old style" chapter headings where the chapter's "scenes" would be summarized in more or less spoiling descriptions separated by —'s. These have been retained. In this work, they also are capitalized in the older English style (All nouns, rather then just proper nouns).
  • "The Privateersman" was published in 1846. If the subtitle "or One Hundred Years Ago" is to be taken literally (It is, as events in the book show), the events described are to have taken place no later then 1746.
  • As with all Marryat sea stories, the dialog and narration are replete with nautical language, especially in the description of ships. You may profit from reading the Wikipedian article "Naval tactics in the Age of Sail", but this isn't required.
  • All amounts of British money named are supplied with an (annotated) account of their modern purchasing power. All of these amounts are in 2006 pounds, calculated via the calculators for public use at