The Army and Navy Hymnal/Catholic/The March of the Parish Schools

23 The March of the Parish Schools
Rt. Rev. Mgr. Henry A. Bran, D. D.

1.Hail, Cross divine! thy victories we sing,
For thee our martyrs brave and faithful died.
TO thee in weal an and woe we fondly cling,
Symbol of faith in Jesus crucified.
Hail Cross of Christ! tho unbelievers spurn,
Our ardor glows in the measure of their hate;
With love for thee our heats forever burn;
Nor scoff, nor blows our ardor can a-bate.
2.Hail stary flag! by saintly Carrol blessed!
Unfurled in freedom o'er our hills and plains;
To shelter those in other lands oppressed,
Who refugee seek from bondage and from chains.
Shine brilliant stars, in beauty ever shine!
To show the road of truth, of peace and love;
These three in union with the cross combine
To lead Columbia to the realms above.
3.Thy strpies ne'er fall save on the jealous for,
Who dare impede the course of tranquil toil,
Or rebel son who internal woe and bloodshed desolates the fertile soul
When Cross and flag united on us call,
A band of patriots rallies let us stand;
For Cross and flag together fight or fall,
The free-born sons of Christ and Fatherland.

The March of the Parish Schools