The Army and Navy Hymnal/Catholic/Hail, Virgin, Dearest Mary

The Army and Navy Hymnal edited by Henry Augustine Smith
Hail, Virgin, Dearest Mary by Simon M. Yenn
(music by Louis Lambillotte)

Hail, Virgin, Dearest Mary 17

Adapted from Rev. L. L.

1.Thy Children humbly bending, Surround thy shrine so dear;
With heart and voice ascending, Sweet Mary hear out prayer.
2.Behold earth's blossoms springing In beauteous form and hue;
All nature gladly baring Her Sweetest charms to you.
3.We'll gather fresh, bright flowers, To bind our fair Queens brow;
From gay and verdant bowers, We haste to crown thee now.
4.And now, our blessed Mother, Smile on our festal day,
Accept our wreath of flowers, And be our Queen of May.