The Bengali Book of English Verse/A Lament (Prafulla Ranjan Das)

A Lament.

Alas, alas!—the roses cried despairing,
That leaf by leaf our glory should decay!
That all our splendours should be earth and clay,
And dream-like fade for all our crimson daring!
No more the winds our raptures wide are bearing,
—No more our fragrance doth uplift the day,
And passionate pilgrims now no more do stray,
Around us dreamless, death's dark splendours wearing!

Yet shall we sigh and raise the mournful wail,
Because our Beauty now has ceased to be!
Nay, tho' to-day our youth and glory pale,
What is to-day to all Eternity!
For in fresh raptures of this radiant earth
Dead roses come again to crimson birth!