The Bengali Book of English Verse/Robert Knight (Nabakrishna Ghosh)

Robert Knight.

Sudden the Indian sky is overcast,
And all the land is shrouded deep in gloom:
A wail goes forth from many an Indian home,
And tears from old and young are streaming fast.

For where is he, our fearless champion bold,
India's unflinching advocate and friend,
Whose lofty purpose and whose cherish'd end,
Were Justice, Truth, and Righteousness to uphold?

Alas, the generous soul is now no more!
Hush'd the large heart, whose love our hearts had won!
O noble Knight, thy mortal warfare o'er,
O weary pilgrim thy long journey done,

Rest, from thy loving toil and labour rest,
Repose, in peace on thy Redeemer's breast!