The Bengali Book of English Verse/Sonnets—Peace (Omesh Chunder Dutt)



Come gentle Peace, with Plenty at thy side,
And scatter with a free and bounteous hand,
Thy gifts and blessings over all the land.
The earth has worn the rich robes of a bride,
The trees lift up their stately heads in pride,
The cloudless skies with varied hues look grand,
The air is full of perfume sweet and bland,
To welcome thee, O goddess tender-eyed!
We love thee with an ardent love sincere,
For 'neath thy quiet and benignant sway,
Gaunt Care, and sombre Grief, and trembling Fear
Depart, and vanish from our homes away,
And sunshine lights each heart so dark erewhile,
The glad bright sunshine of thy cheerful smile.


Lo! where they stand upon yon village green,
Youths and young maidens in a joyous round,
Hark to the violin and pipe's sweet sound,
As they strike up to greet May's lovely queen.
High in the midst the slender pole is seen,
With garlands bright and prizes gaily crown'd;
O, can a fairer sight than this be found,

Where all is mirth, no shadows intervene!
O Peace, our guardian angel, may thy throne
Be fix'd and steadfast on our fertile shore,
And may we ne'er thy sov'reignty disown,
But love and worship thee for evermore;
The crown, the laurel wreath are meet for thee,
Thine is the triumph, thine the victory!