The Bengali Book of English Verse/The Gopees' Address to the Kokil (Jatindra Mohan Tagore)

The Gopees' Address to the Kokil.

Ah! cease, dear Kokil, cease to sing
Thy soft enchanting lays,
For, ever to our minds they bring
The thoughts of happier days, sweet bird!
The thoughts of happier days!

And mem'ry fondly paints the scene,
When in the Tamal grove
We joyous danced and struck the Veen
And sang of youth and love, sweet bird!
And sang of youth and love!

What time the moonbeams brightly glanced
On yonder flowery mead,
How oft we sat and heard entranced
The BLUE GOD'S distant reed, sweet bird!
The BLUE GOD'S distant reed!

When Phalgoon showered her beauties bright,
And bloomed both hearts and flowers,
How joyous then we past the night
In Jumna's blessed bowers, sweet bird!
In Jumna's blessed bowers!

But past and gone are those sweet days,
And all our joys are o'er;
Thy songs but sad remembrance raise,
Oh! sing thy lays no more, sweet bird!
Oh! sing thy lays no more!