The Bengali Book of English Verse/The Rajput Soldier's Farewell (Jatindra Mohan Tagore)

The Rajput Soldier's Farewell.

Adieu! 'Tis time for me to part
While yet from bondage free,
While yet I may persuade my heart
To bid farewell to thee, dear love! to bid farewell to thee.

Now sounds the nagra loud and deep,
To war it turns my mind,
I go where duty calls, nor weep
To leave thee here behind, dear love! to leave thee here behind.

Where lazy peace still holds her sway
I cannot now remain,
Nor must I love's soft voice obey
The Rajput name to stain, dear love! the Rajput name to stain.

Once more farewell! If gracious Raam
But spare this life of mine,
For every pain I'll find a balm
On those sweet lips of thine, dear love! on those sweet lips of thine.

But if remorseless death should dart
The cruel shaft at me,
Though hence my spirit should depart,
It still should pray for thee, dear love! it still should pray for thee.