The Biographical Dictionary of America/Alden, Isabella Macdonald

ALDEN, Isabella Macdonald, author, was born at Rochester, N.Y., Nov. 3, 1841, daughter of Isaac and Myra (Spafford) Macdonald. She was educated at the Seneca Collegiate and Young Ladies' institute, in New York; and married in 1866 the Rev. G. R. Alden. D.D. She edited Pansy 1873-96; was a member of the editorial staff of the Herald and Presbyter, Cincinnati; the Christian Endeavor World, Boston, and Trained Motherhood, New York. She is the author of about seventy-five volumes, known as the "Pansy books," written under the pen-name "Pansy" the most popular being "An Endless Chain"; "The King's Daughters"; "Mary Burton Abroad"; "Chautauqua Girls at Home"; "Four Girls at Chautauqua"; "New Year's Tangles" and "Six Little Girls." She also wrote "The Prince of Peace" and "Unto the End" (1902) her first novel, and other books of fiction.