The Bird Book/Trogons

The Bird Book by Chester A. Reed
Trogons: Family Trogonidae


389. COPPERY-TAILED TROGON. Trogon ambiguus.

Range. Southern Mexico, north to Grande in Texas and in southern Arizona, localities they probably breed.

This is the only member of this family of beautiful birds which reaches our borders. This species is 12 inches in length, and is a metallic green color on the upper parts and breast, and with coppery reflections of the middle tail feathers, the outer ones being white, very finely vermiculated with black, as are the wing coverts. The underparts, except for a white band across the breast, are rosy red. This cavities in large trees, generally in large pecker holes. They are also said to have ing in holes in banks. Their eggs are number and are a dull white in color.


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