The Book of Scottish Song/The Old Scottish Gentleman

2262581The Book of Scottish Song — The Old Scottish Gentleman1843Walter Graham Blackie

The Old Scottish Gentleman.

[This song, written on the model and to the air of "The Old Country Gentleman," is here printed for the first time.]

The Song I'll sing, though lately made, it tells of olden days,
Of a good old Scottish gentleman,—of good old Scottish ways;
When our barons bold kept house and hold, and sung their olden lays,
And drove with speed across the Tweed "auld Scotland's" bluidy faes,
Like brave old Scottish gentlemen all of the olden time.

His castle old was strongly built and well defended then,
With drawbridge, moat, and portcullis, and true and stalwart men;
His steeds so good all housed stood, prepar'd for fight, and when
His trumpets' shout the charge gave out,—the abbot said, Amen!
The brave old Scottish gentleman all of the olden time.

In sooth it was a goodly sight to see this brave old man,
When border slogan forth had call'd his hardy faithful clan,
As, stoutly marching in their front, he boldly led the van,
Till from their sturdy blows, in dread, the haughty Southrons ran.
The stout old Scottish gentleman all of the olden time.

There's nought so cheer'd his good old heart as round his board to see
His clansmen and retainers true, all join'd in wassail free,
When loudest rose the song and laugh, the loudest laugh gave he,
And aye his toast was, "Scotland's right," "wi' a' the honours three."
The rare old Scottish gentleman all of the olden time.

His door was op'd to ev'ry one who'd fight for Scotland dear:
The stranger cold and harper old were always welcome here;
For aye he lov'd to hear the tale of ancient deeds of weir,
How England's might, on Bannock's field, did quail 'neath Bruce's spear.
The rare old Scottish gentleman all of the olden time.

At length death's arrows, 'gainst which nought avails the temper'd shield,
Met this old man as valiantly he fought in battle field;
Where, though attack'd by three to one, yet still he scorn'd to yield,
But blow for blow he dealt the foe, till death his eyelids seal'd.
So died this Scottish gentleman all of the olden time.

W. G. B.