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The Canadian Soldiers' Song Book/Oh! How She Could Yacki-Wicki-Woo

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She had a Hu-la-hu-la-hick-i-boo-la-boo-la in her walk,
She has a U-ka-le-le-wick-i-wick-i-wail-i-in her talk,
And by the big Hawaiian moon,—Beneath a ban-yan tree we'd spoon.
I've been tryin' to learn "Hawaiian," Since that night in June.
She had a blinky, blinky little naughty winky in her eye
She had a "Come and kiss me, don't you dare to miss me," in her sigh.
Beneath the ban-yan parasol—She couldn't talk my talk at all
But, oh, how she could Yack-i-hack-i-wick-i-wack-i-woo,
That's love in Hon-o-lu.