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The Canadian Soldiers' Song Book/Where the Black-Eyed Susans Grow

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I'm going back to a shack, where the Black-eyed Susans grow,
I love 'em so; They're all around on the ground where I found the one I knew so long ago.
The honey bees all know I'm comin', I seem to hear them softly hummin'
"Yoy'll be losin' your little Susan! You'd better be getting busy buzzing around."
To stroll again down the lane to the plain old rustic seat will be a treat,
And then I'll bring out the ring for the finger of my sweet—
She's mighty sweet, and when I'm tied to the pride of the countryside,
May-be I'll introduce you to my corn-fed bride,
When I come back from the shack where the Black eyed Susans grow.