The Catholic Encyclopedia and its makers/Smith, Reverend Sydney Fenn

Smith, Reverend Sydney Fenn, S.J., b. at Margate, Kent, England, 1843, son of Reverend Sydney Smith, Anglican Vicar of Worth. Education: private school. Sandwich, and Jesuit scholasticate. Stonyhurst, Blackburn, England; St. Beuno's College, St. Asaph, Wales. Received into the Church by Father Albany Christie, S.J., 1864; entered the Society of Jesus 1866; professor of rhetoric, Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, 1871-1874; ordained 1877; professor: of ethics, Stonyhurst College, 1878-1879, of rhetoric, Beaumont College, Old Windsor, England, 1879-1882, of theology and Holy Scripture, St. Beuno's College, St. Asaph, Wales, 1883-1889; member of the Jesuit staff of writers. Farm Street, London, 1889- ; editor of "The Month" 1897-1901; at present on the staff of "The Month". Member of the Committee, Catholic Truth Society. Author of tracts for Catholic Truth Society; joint author and editor of "Scripture Manuals for Catholic Schools".

ARTICLES: Anglican Orders; Baker, Charles, Venerable; Barrow, William, Venerable; Bellarmine, Robert Francis Romulus, Venerable; Bentney, William; Clement XIII, Pope; Co-consecrators; Gallwey, Peter; Low Church; Mortification; Nonconformists; Non-Jurors; Union of Christendom; Zeal.