The Catholic Prayer Book and Manual of Meditations/Calendar



  2. St. Mnnchin, Bp., Patron of Limerick.
  3. St. Fintan, Cnni.
  4. St. Fiadhnat, V.
  5. St. Telesphorus, P. and M.
  6. The Epiphany of our Lord.
  7. St. Donnan of Inis-Aingin, Conf.
  8. St. Albert, Bp., Patron of Cashel.
  9. St. Finnn. of Lindisfarne, Bp.
  10. St. Diarmaid, Ab.
  11. St. Suibhne, Ab.
  12. St. Cummian of Bobbio. Bp.
  13. St. Ailell, Bp. of Armagh.
  14. St. Hilary, Bp.
  15. St. Ita, Bp.
  16. St. Fursey, Abb.
  17. St. Anthony, Abb.
  18. Chair of St. Peter at Rome.
  19. St. Canute, King and M.
  20. St. Fabian and Sebastian, MM.; St. Fechin, Abb.
  21. St. Agnes, V. M.
  22. SS. Vincent and Anastasius, MM.
  23. The Espousal of the B. Virgin.
  24. St. Timothy, Bp. M.
  25. The Conversion of St. Paul.
  26. St. Polycarp, Bp. M.
  27. St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church.
  28. St. Cannera, V.
  29. St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church.
  30. St. Martina, V. M.
  31. St. Aidan, Bp., Patron of Ferns.

Second Sunday after Epiphany—Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus


  1. St. Bridget, V., Patron of Ireland.
  2. The Purification of the B. V. M.
  3. St. Colman, Bp., Patron of Kilmacduagh.
  4. St. Cuanna, Abb.
  5. St. Agatha. V. M.
    St. Cera, V.
  6. St. Mel, Bp., Patron of Ardagh
  7. St. Aedh, Bp. of Sletty.
  8. St. John of Mutha, Conf.
  9. St. Alto, Abb. in Bavaria.
  10. St. Scholastica, V.
  11. St. Raymund de Penafort, Conf.
  12. St. Sedulius, Bp. of Dublin
  13. St. Modomnoc, of Tybroughny.
  14. St. Valentine, M.
    St. Sineach, Conf.
  15. St. Berach, Abb.
  16. St. Tancho, Bp. of Verdan, in Saxony.
  17. St. Fintan, Abb. of Clonenagh.
  18. St. Moibba, Conf.
  19. St. Baithen, Bp.
  20. St. Colga, the Wise, Coni.
  21. St. Fintan Corach, Bp.
  22. The Chair of St. Peter at Antioch.
  23. St. Fingar, M. in Cornwall.
  24. St. Matthias, Ap.
    St. Cummian Fionn, Abb.
  25. St. Aldetrude, V.
  26. St. Maonna, Bp.
  27. St. Comdhan, of Glenussen.
  28. St. Victor, Bp.
    St. Dichuil, Conf.


  1. St. David, Bp., Patron of Wales
  2. St. Fergma, Abb.
  3. St. Celechrist, Bp.
  4. St. Casimir, of Poland, Conf.
  5. St. Kierun, Bp., Patron of Ossory.
  6. St. Fridolin, Abb.
  7. St. Thomas of Aquin, Dr. of the Ch.
  8. St. Cathaldus, Bp.
  9. St. Frances of Rome, Wid.
  10. The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste.
  11. St. John of God, Conf.: St. Ængus, Abb.
  12. St. Gregory the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Ch.
  13. St. Gerald, Bp. of Mayo.
  14. St. Talmach, Conf.
  15. The three Sons of Nessan.
  16. St. Finan, the Leper.
  17. ST. PATRICK, Bp., Apostle of Ireland.
  18. St. Gabriel, the Archangel.
  19. St. Joseph, Spouse of the B. V. M.
  20. St. Cuthbert, Bp.
  21. St. Benedict, Abb.: St. Enda, Abb.
  22. St. Darerca
  23. St. Boedan, Conf.
  24. St. Mucartin, Bp., Patron of Clogher.
  25. THE ANNUNCIATION of the B. V. M.
  26. St. Sinchell, Bp.
  27. St. Rupert, Bp., Apostle of Bavaria.
  28. St. Conall, Bp.
  29. SS. Ethnea & Sodelbhia, VV.
  30. St. Mochna, Abb.
  31. St. Machabeus, Abb. of Armagh.


  1. St. Gobban, Conf.
  2. St. Francis de Paula, Conf.
  3. St. Coman, Conf.
  4. St. Tighernach, Bishop of Clones.
  5. St. Patrick enters on his Apostolate in Ireland.
  6. St. Celestine, Pope.
    St. Celsus, Bp. of Armagh
  7. St. Finan Cam, Conf.
  8. St. Cennfaeludh, Abb.
  9. St. Mary of Egypt.
  10. St. Erednat, V.
  11. St. Leo the Great, Pope, Doctor of the Ch.
  12. St. Conda, Abb.
  13. St. Mochaemhog, Conf.
  14. St. Thassach, Bp.
  15. St. Ruadhan, Abb.
  16. St. Tetghal, Conf.
  17. St. Donnan, Abb. and M.
  18. St. Laserian, Bp., Patron of Leighlin.
  19. St. Cillen, Conf.
  20. St. Flann, Conf.
  21. St. Anselm, Bp.
  22. St. Cuillean, Bp.
  23. St. George, M.
    St. Jobhar, Bp.
  24. St. Diarmait, Bp.
  25. St. Mark, the Evangelist.
  26. St. Conain, Conf.
  27. St. Asicus, Bp., Patron of Elphin
  28. St. Cronan, Bp., Patron of Roscrea.
  29. St. Peter, Martyr.
  30. St. Catherine of Sienna, V.

Third Sunday after Easter—Feast of the Patronage of St. Joseph.


  1. SS. Philip and James, App.
  2. St. Athanasius, Bp., Doctor of the Ch.
  3. The Finding of the Holy Cross; St. Coniaeth, Bp., Patron of Kildare.
  4. St. Monica, Widow.
  5. St. Pius the Fifth, Pope.
  6. St. John, at the Latin Gate.
  7. St. Lassar, V.
  8. St. Odhran, Bp.
  9. St. Gregory of Nazlianzen, Bp.
  10. St. Comgall, Abb. of Bangor.
  11. St. Criotan, Conf.
  12. SS. Nereus and Achilles, MM
  13. St. Mochonna. Conf.
  14. St. Carthage, Bp., Patron of Lismore.
  15. St. Dympna, V. M.
  16. St. Brendan, Bp., Patron of Kerry and Caissin, VV.
  17. St. Siollan, Bp.
  18. St. Momaedhog, Bp.
  19. St. Richeall, V.
  20. St. Colman, Bp.
  21. St. Barrfinn. Bp.
  22. SS. Agna, Luighsech, and Caissin, VV.
  23. St. Goban of Tescoffin.
  24. St. Maccartin, Bp., Patron of Clogher.
  25. St. Gregory the Seventh, Pope.
  26. St. Philip Nari, Conf.
  27. St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, V.
  28. St. Germanus, Bp.
  29. St. Commain, V.
  30. St. Ernine, Conf.
  31. St. Angela, V.


  1. St. Libanus, Conf.
  2. St. Luran, Conf.
  3. St. Kevin, Abb., Patron of Glendaloush.
  4. B. Cornelius, Bishop of Armagh
  5. St. Boniface, Bp. and M., Patron of Germany.
  6. St. Jarlath, Bp., Patron of Tuam.
  7. St Colman, Bp., Patron of Dromore.
  8. St. Lnaithren, V.
    St. Syra, V.
  9. St. Columbkille, Abb., Patron of Ireland.
  10. St. Margaret of Scotland, Widow.
  11. St. Barnabas, Ap.
  12. St. Torannan, Bp.
  13. St. Anthony of Padua, Conf.
  14. St. Basil, Bp., Doctor of the Ch.
  15. St. Sinell, Conf.
  16. St. John Francis Conf.
  17. St. Molling, Bp.
  18. St. Furadhran, Abb.
  19. St. Juliana Falconieri, V.
  20. St. Faolan, Conf.
  21. St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Conf.
  22. St. Paulinus, Bp.
  23. St. Mochaoi, Abb.
  24. The Nativity of St. John the Baptist.
  25. St. Moluog, Conf.
  26. SS. John and Paul, MM.
  27. St. Dioman, Conf.
  28. St. Crummine, Bp.
  29. SS. PETER AND PAUL, App.
  30. St. Failbhe, Conf.


  1. St. Rumold, Bp. of Dublin, M.
  2. The Visitation of the B.V.M.
  3. St. Dartlnna, V.
    St. Cillen, Abb.
  4. St. Bolcan, Conf.
  5. St. Fergus, Conf.
    St. Moduenna, V.
  6. St. Moninna, V.
  7. St. Maelrnain, Bp.
  8. St. Kilian and Companions, MM.
  9. The Martyrs of Gorcum.
  10. St. Etto, Conf.
  11. St. Berran, Conf.
  12. St. John Gualbert, Abb.
    St. Nazair, Bp.
  13. St. Mothialog, Conf.
  14. St. Bonaventure, Bp., Dr. of the Church.
  15. St. Henry II. of Germany, Conf.
  16. Commemoration of the B. V. M. of Mount Carmel.
  17. St. Alexius, Conf.
  18. St. Camillus de Lellis, Conf.
  19. St. Vincent de Paul, Conf.
  20. St. Jerome Emilian, Conf.
  21. St. Praxedes, V.
  22. St. Mary Magdalene
    St. Mobiu, Abb.
  23. St. Fethcon, Bp.
  24. St. Declan, Bp.
  25. St. James, Ap.
  26. St Anne, Mother of the B. V. M.
  27. St. Luit, V.
  28. St. Furudhran, Conf.
  29. St. Martha, V.
  30. St. Maeltulle, Conf.
  31. St. Ignatius of Loyola, Conf.


  1. St. Peter's Chains.
  2. St. Alphonus Liguori, Bp., Doctor of the Ch.
  3. St. Fethilim, Bp., Patron of Kilmore.
  4. St. Dominick, Conf.
  5. Dedication of the Ch. of B. V. M. ad Nives
  7. St. Cajetan, Conf.
  8. St. Daira, V.
  9. St. Nathy, Bp., Patron of Achonry
  10. St. Laurence, M.
  11. St. Attracta, V.
  12. St. Clare, V.; St. Muiredhech Bp., Patron of Killala.
  13. St. Moloca, Conf.
  14. St. Fachanan, Bp., Patron of Ross and Kilfenora.
  15. Assumption of the B. V. M.
  16. St. Lugain, Conf.
  17. St. Beccan, Conf.
  18. St. Daigh, the Artificer, Conf.
  19. St. Mochta, Bp.
  20. St. Bernard, Abb., Doctor of the Ch.
  21. St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Widow.
  22. St. Sincha, V.
  23. St. Eugene, Bp, Patron of Derry
  24. St. Bartholomew, Ap.
  25. St. Michen, Conf.
  26. St. Aireid, COnf.
  27. St. Auxilius, Bp.
  28. St. Augustine, Bp., Doctor of the Ch.
  29. Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist.
  30. St. Fiacre, Conf.
  31. St. Raymond Nonnatus, Conf.


  1. St. Rose of Lima, V.
  2. St. Geinten, Conf.
  3. St. Mac Nise, Bp., Patron of Connor
  4. St. Ultan of Ardbraccan, Bp.
  5. St. Laurence Justinian, Bp.
  6. St. Bega, V.
  7. St. Siollan, Bp.
  8. The Nativity of the B. V. M.
  9. St. Kieran, Patron of Clonmacnoise.
  10. St. Finnian of Moville, Bp.
  11. St. Loarn, Bp.
  12. St. Ailbhe, Bp., Patron of Emly
  13. St. Dagan, Bp.
  14. The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
  15. St. Cormac, King of Munster and Bp.
  16. SS. Cornelius and Cyprian MM.
  17. St. Feme, V.
  18. St. Gemma, V.
  19. SS. Januarius and Companions, MM.
  20. SS. Eustachius and Companions, MM.
  21. St. Matthew, Ap.
  22. St. Aedh, Conf.
  23. St. Eunan, Bp., Patron of Raphoe
  24. St. Caolchu, Conf.
  25. St. Finbar, Bp., Patron of Cork.
  26. St. Colmanela, Abb.
  27. SS. Cosmas and Damian, MM.
  28. St. Fiachra, Bp.
  29. Dedic. of the Church of St. Michael the Archangel
  30. St. Jerome, Conf., Doctor of the Ch.
Sunday after the Nativ. of the B. V.—Feast of the Name of Mary
Third Sunday of Sept.—Feast of the Seven Dolors of the B. V. M.


  1. St. Wasnulph, Conf.
  2. The Feast of the Guardian Angels.
  3. St. Dionysius, Bp., M.
  4. St. Francis of Assisi, Conf.
  5. SS. Placidus and Companions, MM.
  6. St. Bruno, Conf.
  7. St. Osgeda, V.
  8. St. Bridget of Sweden, Widow.
  9. St. Fintan, Abb.
  10. St. Francis Borgia, Conf.
  11. St. Canice, Abb., Patron of Kilkenny
  12. St. Mobius, Abb.
  13. St. Edward, King and Conf.
  14. St. Calixtus, Pope and M.
  15. St. Teresa, V.
  16. St. Gall, Abb.
  17. St. Macnach, Conf.
  18. St. Luke, Evangelist.
  19. St. Peter of Alcantara
  20. St. Maeleoin, Bp.
  21. SS. Ursula and Companions, VV., MM.
  22. St. Donatus, Bp.
  23. St. Maeltuile, Conf.
  24. St. Raphael the Archangel
  25. St. Duthract, V.
  26. St. Darbile, V.: B. Margaret Mary Alacoque
  27. St. Abban, Abb.
    St. Otteran, Bp., Patron of Waterford
  28. SS. Simon and Jude, App.
  29. St. Luran, Bp.
  30. St. Ercnat, V.
  31. St. Failan, Bp., M.
First Sunday of Oct.—Feast of the Holy Rosary.
Second Sunday—The Anniversary of the Dedication of the Churches of Ireland.


  1. The Feast of All Saints.
  2. Commem. of the Faithful Departed.
  3. St. Malachy, Bp., Patron of Armagh, &c.
  4. St. Charles Borromeo, Bp.
  5. St. Cainder, V.
  6. St. Cronan, Abb.
  7. St. Willibrord, Bp.
  8. St. Fionnchan, Conf.
  9. St. Benignus, Bp.
  10. St. Osnat, V.
  11. St. Martin of Tours, Bp.
  12. St. Livinus, Bp. and M. Patron of Ghent.
  13. St. Stanislaus Kostka, Conf.
  14. St. Laurence O'Toole, Bp., Patron of Dublin.
  15. St. Gertrude, V.
  16. St. Aedh, Bp.
  17. St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, Bp.
  18. St. Frigidian, Bp., Patron of Lucca.
  19. St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Widow.
  20. St. Felix of Valois, Conf.
  21. The Presentation of the B. V. M.
  22. St. Cecilia, V.M.
  23. St. Clement, Pope, M.
  24. St. Columban, Abb., Patron of Bobbio: St. Colman, Bp., Patron of Cloyne
  25. St. Catherine, V. M.
  26. St. John of the Cross, Conf.
  27. St. Seachnall, Bp.
  28. The three Sons of Bochra, Conf.
  29. St. Brendan of Birr, Abb.
  30. St. Andrew, Ap.
Second Sunday of Nov.—Feast of the Patronage of the B. V. M.


  1. St. Nessan, Conf.
  2. St. Bibiana, V. M.
    St. Maelodhrain, Conf.
  3. St. Francis Xavier, Conf.
  4. St. Peter Chrysologus, Bp.
  5. St. Sabbas, Abb.
  6. St. Nicholas, Bp., Patron of Galway
  7. St. Ambrose, Bp., Doctor of the Ch.
  8. The Immaculate Conception of the B. V. M.
  9. SS. Feidhlim and Mughain, VV.
  10. St. Modiomog, Bp.
  11. St. Damasus, Pope.
  12. St. Finnian of Clonard, Abb.
  13. St. Lucy, V. M.
    St. Colum of Tirdaglass
  14. St. Dallan, Bp.
  15. St. Flann, Abb.
  16. St. Beanus, Bp.
  17. St. Crunmael, Abb.
  18. St. Flannan, Bp., Patron of Killaloe.
  19. St. Samhthan, V.
  20. St. Diarmait, Bp.
  21. St. Thomas, Ap.
  22. St. Evin, Bp.
  23. St. Luchair, Conf.
  24. St. Mochua, Conf.
  26. St. Stephen, Protomartyr.
    St. Jarlath, Bp., Patron of Tuam.
  27. St. John, Ap.
  28. The Holy Innocents, MM.
  29. St. Thomas of Canterbury, Bp., M.
  30. St. Connla, Bp.
  31. St. Sylvester, Pope.