The Chatham News/USS Pittsburgh

The Chatham News 1920-12-20  (1920) 
USS Pittsburgh

Page 7: , Errors in original: para 4: "Pittsburg", para 5: "appreiation". Unreadable: "????" (possibly "town").


Officers and Men Give a Bell to Rochester Cathedral.

The following letter sent this week to the Dean of Rochester, speaks for itself:—

Dear Dr. Storrs,——Before the ship sails from Chatham, I wish to express to you our appreciation of the honour you have done us, in coming on board to address my officers and men, and for the special service which you held for us in your Cathedral.

We are grateful for these kindnesses, and I beg you to thank Mrs. Storrs, and the ladies of Rochester, for their entertainment of our men in the Guildhall, Rochester.

I hand you herewith a cheque for £52 10s, from Admiral Huse, the Officers and Men of Pittsburg, to cover the cost of re-casting a bell for the Cathedral chimes. I understand that it is agreeable to you to have the bell marked:

U.S.S. Pittsburgh,

Please accept this as a token of our great appreiation of kindnesses received, and of our sincere desire that our two peoples may always happily associate and feel as kindly toward each other, as we do, to our hosts of the last two-and-a-half months. May the Pittsburgh bell sound from the Tower of your ancient ???? a sweet tone, a note of goodwill from us to you.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

J. W. TODD, Capt. U.S. Navy, Comdg.