The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/Message of loyalty to the President


When the American newspapers brought the report that great crowds in Prague cheered the name of President Wilson, the Bohemian National Alliance|, together with the representatives of all the principal Bohemian societies in this country, sent to the President a most eloquent expression of their loyalty to him and their confidence in him. Secretary Lansing in behalf of the President acknowledged the telegram in very cordial terms. The Official Bulletin published both the message of loyalty and the reply. We quote from it Mr. Lansing’s reply:

Dr. L. J. Fisher,
Bohemian National Alliance, Chicago, Ill.

The President directs me to say that he is deeply touched by your message of the 18th in which you voice the appreciation of your fellow Czechoslovaks in the United States for the stand the President has taken in advocacy of the rights of the human race to undominated control of their own destinies. The presence among us of many thousands of your fellow countrymen who have made their home with us and become assimilated with our national life is proof not only of the welcome which our Commonwealth extends to such worthy elements, but of the sympathy of the newcomers with the broad principles of democratic union upon which this country builds up its national faith and of their desire to become a helpful part of the enduring civic organization we have framed. To all such the people of the United States hold out the hand of earnest sympathy and gladly share in the aspirations which animate them and their kindred in their old country.

Secretary of State.

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