The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 2/Slovaks of America send message to Slovakia


Upon the occasion of the close of the war and the birth of the Czechoslovak Republic the Slovak League of America sent the following message to Dr. Paul Blaho, one of the two Slovak deputies in the Budapest parliament, to be transmitted by him to the entire nation:

Greetings to the Slovak Nation from their Brothers in America.

With feelings of great joy and infinite happiness we send to you, brothers and sisters in Slovakia, warm greetings and heartiest congratulations, because after a thousand years of struggle and suffering the sun has finally risen above the Tatry and spread the warm rays of liberty over all Slovakia.

We are proud that opportunity had been made for us in this last fight to repay to our native land, from which fate tore us away, the debt of gratitude which we incurred before leaving for free America. We are proud that in the fight for your liberty, for the freedom of the Czechoslovak nation, we here in America had a share. Our brothers and sons fought under the starry banner of the United States as well as under the Czechoslovak flag in France; others sustained them in the field by working in the war industries. Our women and girls with much zeal and self-sacrifice undertook the work of relief, all with firm faith in their hearts that the Czechoslovak people must win.

Your oppressors have been swept away. Now you fay relax and celebrate. All world has adopted the great American principle: Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Now you will free, now you will yourselves decide your future as free citizens of the Czechoslovak Republic.

We know what misery and horror you had to bear during the war; but your liberty was worth all that suffering. Use your liberty with reason, loving each other as brothers. Slovaks and Czechs together, so that our beloved Slovakia may prosper politically, culturally and economically, from Prespurk to Užhorod.

May the mountains of Tatry resound with cheers for President Masaryk who guided us through the most difficult days and is our great leader, inspirer and father still. Glory to our heroes who laid down their lives in Russia. France and Italy for the liberation of the Czechoslovak nation. Glory to our greatest friend, President Wilson. May happiness and blessing be with you. May every one of you work with all his strength and all his heart for the welfare of our dear Slovakia and of the entire Czechoslovak Republic.
Albert Mamatey,President, Slovak League.
Jan Janćek. Jr.,Secretary, Slovak League.

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